Dad Buys His Daughter A Car For Her Birthday Then Finds This Letter Inside

What would you do if you found a letter addressed to you in your new car? This dad was about to find out…

What Did He Find?

Kevin Duke was excited to give his beloved daughter her first car for her 16th birthday. She was absolutely delighted to give her new Ford a test drive. However, Kevin then found something hidden inside a secret pocket. It was a letter addressed to “New Car Owner.” Upon reading the letter, Kevin immediately regretted giving her the car.

car 110
Why Did He Take It Back?

Jackson Hall

Jackson Hall is one of the best writers of our generation. He has been on the New York Times Bestsellers list three different times and nominated multiple time for best Memoir on Goodreads. He studied history at Yale and became obsessed with the 70s. Now he focuses on digging up stories nobody has written about to help grow our extensive knowledge of the past. He is the glue to our company and we are so lucky to have him on the team.

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